Enhance The Form and Function of your body through proven and evidence based Spinal Correct Procedure’s to ultimately enhance your lifestyle.
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The Active Healing Center achieves unprecedented results with the following conditions:

Dr. Tom Gustafson added a comprehensive spinal rehabilitation and wellness program to the Active Healing Center 2 years ago. This program corrects the physical breakdown of the body while addressing nutritional and stress-related imbalances which are responsible for deteriorating your health leading to chronic illness. The Active Healing Center has office hours as well as by appointment. We have morning and evening hours and can be reached on (732) 683-0200 or via e-mail on our contact form located here. The Active Healing Center is dedicated to the commitment of helping you become a healthier, happier and stronger individual. Be Active in Your Health…Be Active in Your Life! CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR FREE MAILING LIST.